Known also as "webcasting", web streaming is a technology to deliver live images and sound on the web (Internet or Intranet). Web streaming contributes to the transparency and multilingualism policies, being a modern tool for disseminating European Commission’s proceedings towards the European citizens.

Who we are

Our streaming service started as an internal service in 2004, to ensure streaming from the events taking place in the European Commission meeting rooms. Over the years, backed by the technological development and the users’ requirements, our service greatly evolved and it’s now capable of providing a quality streaming from both inside and outside premises of the European Commission.

Why streaming services are useful

In the last years streaming transmissions became more and more popular. The reasons for this popularity are both external to the activity of the European Commission, and also internal. There is an increased popularity among the citizens for streaming transmission of all kind, supported by the almost generalised use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). Also the demand for up-to-date and easily accessible information has increased. Internally, several policies of the EC come to support an increase for streaming demand, such as transparency, multilingualism, but also the rationalisation of services and the approach to increase the efficiency of EC’s activities. Thus, web streaming can help to increase the transparency of European Commission’s activity, represents a tool which helps organizing sustainable conferences and information days, and also align the administration to the requirements of the current digital era. The cost of setting up a web streaming is to a large extent set off by savings made in time, taking into account savings with travel and accommodation, and also the avoidance of CO2 emissions. Besides, the Internet can host more public than any conference room (or vice versa, no need to rent a huge conference venue if people can comfortably "virtually" participate).


For questions and/or assistance concerning streaming at the European Commission contact SCIC Streaming
tel: +32 229 74774